Autumn Term 2017 – 7.15-9pm. 

Weekly from Fri 8th September to Friday 8th December with exceptions below.

Friday 8th September– Start of term

Friday 27th October– No choir

Friday 3rd November – No choir

Friday 8th December– Last session

Friday 15th December – Possible end of term party

Total of 12 sessions – £60 in advance or £6 on the night.

Winter Term 2018

Weekly from Fri 12th January to Friday 16th March with exceptions below.

Friday 12th January – Start of term

Friday 16th February – No choir (Half term)

Friday 16th March – Last session

Summer Term 2018

Weekly from Fri 20th April to Friday 13th July with exceptions below.

Friday 20th April – Start of term

Friday 1st June – No choir (Half term)

Friday 13th July – Last session

Friday 20th July – Possible end of term party.